Frequently Asked Questions
DataSearch is a prototype research data search engine, developed by Elsevier’s Research Data Management team.

Currently there is no Advanced Search UI in DataSearch, but you may search for data using some advanced query syntax which targets certain fields in our data model.

Additionally DataSearch supports Boolean search terms. You may search for data on DataSearch using AND, OR or NOT query terms.

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We are interested in exploring what a search engine for research data would look like (as opposed to a web search engine or a document search engine), and are talking with users and data providers about their needs and interests.
We are indexing images, tables and supplementary data from (Elsevier or Open Access) content sources, and are considering these to be research data components. We are also indexing a series of domain-specific repositories, as well as non-domain specific ones.
We have a number of criteria to select repositories to index, including the number of users, the ease of our ability to index it and relationships we have with data repository managers. If you have a suggestion for us to index a data repository, or would like us to index your repository, please contact us at
No, not exactly. We harvest data through APIs from various repositories or, in some cases, through database dump files given to us. We then normalize the data to our data model, index the data to make it searchable and generate previews of data where we can. We hope that users will find the previews of interest; if they do, we send them directly to the source repository from the preview page and they can then download the data themselves.
Other than ScienceDirect, we are only indexing open data from open access repositories.
We do not yet have a fully responsive results page in our beta, but it is on our roadmap and will be released soon.
At the moment, DataSearch is not a commercial product. The business model is not finalized, but we are exploring how we might integrate it with our other offerings, such as Mendeley Data, to provide research data management solutions. We are also interested in talking to data repositories, to see if we can combine efforts regarding data search options.

Yes, we are. We'd love to have your help with user research and testing. If you are interested in getting involved, please register your interest using the feedback button.

Yes, we do. Please contact us at for more information.