Advanced Query Syntax

We have implemented a currently limited version of advanced syntax for DataSearch.

The syntax works by targeting specific fields within our data model, and is used as follows:

  • AUTHOR()
  • TITLE()
  • ID()

As well as the predefined targeters listed above, there will also be a lookup process for custom targeters, allowing the potential for custom metadata fields to be specifically targeted in future, as and when they are added to the index.

Additionally DataSearch supports Boolean search terms. You may search for data on DataSearch using AND, OR or NOT query terms.

Targeters can also be used in any boolean query, which includes OR between normal and targeted queries.

Currently DataSearch can process queries like these:

  • chip-seq drosophila AUTHOR(Boija)
  • chip-seq drosophila AUTHOR(Boija OR Mahat)
  • chip-seq drosophila AUTHOR(Mahat) AND INSTITUTION(Cornell)
  • chip-seq AND (drosophila OR "fruit fly") AND ID(GEO4667)
  • (chip-seq drosophila AND AUTHOR(Boija)) OR AUTHOR(Boija AND Mahat)

When no operator is included this is assumed to be an implicit 'AND'.